Psalms Session 06

Psalms 112 & 106 | We close out our discussion of the Wisdom Psalms by considering two Psalms in the significance of their context. Psalms 111 and 112 pair together to give us a complementary view of how the virtue of The Lord (Psalm 111) becomes the virtue of those who follow His way - those who fear Him (Psalm 112). In Psalm 106 we have a historical wisdom Psalm which confesses Israel’s sin in hopes of the Lord’s mercy and grace. Just as the Lord had delivered His people in the past, so now His people call out for deliverance from their current exile.

Psalms Session 05

Psalm 73 | In this session we consider a Psalm which presents the “pondering wisdom” that we find in the Wisdom Psalms. “Why should we pursue righteousness when the wicked continually have peace (shalom)?” This is the dangerous thought that Asaph contemplates. The real problem that is at the heart of Psalm 73 is Asaph’s temptation to envy the arrogant. In one of the great ponderings of the Psalms we are oriented to true wisdom from a above, from the eternal perspective.

Psalms Session 04

Psalm 19 & 34 | We continue reading and hearing from the Wisdom Psalms. We finish our look at Psalm 19 and take a brief glance at Psalm 34. The information given in the headings of the Psalms can be helpful, but sometimes it is hard to see how it relates to the content of the Psalm; 34 is a good example of this. As we read the poetry of the Bible we must keep in mind that these creative works of experience and imagination often erupt out of the soul of Psalmist. When the Lord shows His goodness, mercy and provision we should respond with overflowing joy and gratitude and praise. [ ST ]

Psalms Session 03

Psalm 19 | The Wisdom Psalms lay the foundation for the worldview presented in the Psalms. As we have already heard in Psalm 1, there are only two ways: the way of the righteous and the way of the wicked. The way of the righteous is the way of the blessed, those who are truly satisfied with life. Life however is not always so easy to classify in neat boxes; sometimes the righteous suffer and sometimes the wicked prosper. The Wisdom Psalms also ponder these difficult realities. Ultimately these Psalms call us up to the “wisdom from above” so that we can see things from the Lord-God’s view, the only view that truly matters. [ ST ]

Psalms Session 02

In our second session on the Psalms we consider the Psalms in terms of their relationship to the ups and downs of real life. In the Wisdom Psalms we are called to the higher reality of the Lords truth and righteousness. In the Royal Psalms we lay a foundation for understanding the Lord’s politics for planet earth, mediated through His chosen Messiah. In the Hymns we celebrate on the mountaintops where everything is working as it should. In the Lamentations we are in the pits, in the valley of the shadow of death and our only hope is in the Lord’s salvation. In the Thanksgivings we are learning that praise and thanks are the first steps out of the pit, back to a higher view of life, and especially the Lord-God who is holy and gracious. *Click here to go to the page for this whole study.

Classes Begin: New Study on the Psalms

We began our new classes this week and it looks like things are off to a good start. For our main Biblical Study this year, I will be teaching through the Psalms. The Prayer and Praise book of Ancient Israel, the Psalms are one of the most important collections in the Hebrew Scriptures. For the early Church, the Psalms pointed to Jesus. The Psalms give us inspired examples of prayer, praise, and lamentation. We begin our study by situating the Psalms in their historical and theological context and then briefly looking at Psalms 1 and 2 as the Introduction to the whole book. [ ST ]

UPDATE: Website Back Up

We have completed moving all our audio and resource files to handle all our download traffic. Everything should be back in place now. If you find a link that is bad, please let me know and I will get it fixed ASAP. You can email me here. [ST]

Jane Stevens Video Now Online

We have just posted the video of Jane Steven’s presentation, “A Vienna Walk Through the Bible.” If you were unable to attend the event, you can now watch it online!
If you click on the “vimeo” in the bottom right corner, you can go to our Vimeo page and download the video. This is a marvelous presentation; hope you enjoy it as much as we did. [ST]

Fall Classes Are Weeks Away!

image of TSF newsletter August 2014
Fall classes are just around the corner. Our Newsletter is out with all of the information for sign ups. You can download it by clicking the image to the left. You can also sign up for classes on line now by clicking here. We have a lot going on this fall, so download the Newsletter to get all the information. Hope to see you in class!

Trip to Turkey 2015

ephesus pimped 02We currently working with our friend David Frazier (Equipping Servants International, missionary to Turkey for over 20 years) to plan a trip to Turkey for Spring of 2015. This fascinating and beautiful country was the “cradle of the early church.” Paul’s early missionary journeys were “headquartered” on the coasts of Asia Minor (modern Turkey). The Seven Letters to the Churches in the book of Revelation were all addressed to churches in Asia Minor. If you are interested in this trip, click on the link below to get more information or reserve your spot on this trip.

>Click here to get more information or reserve a spot on this trip.

New Daniel Series and Prophecy Collection

This past Sunday, Stacy began a six week overview of the Book of Daniel and First Evan. I am thankful for Jeff Findlay inviting me to come teach and share on this critical book from the Hebrew Scriptures. We have also collected several of our studies related to eschatology (the study of last things) in one place. Click on the image above to go to the new page with all the resources. If you are interested in attending the Daniel study, it is from 6-7 PM in the fellowship hall at First Evan. [ST]

2014 SBS Complete Series Now Available

girls listens and is distracted
Learning to Listen in an Age of Distraction
The complete series for our Summer Bible Study 2014 is now available.

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