New Issue of follow now available

The July issue of follow is now available to download. In this issue, we map out our spiritual journey in terms of the stages of our growth in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We trace our steps from being “babes in Christ” to becoming “spiritual elders” - living examples of Christ to others. To get the emag, click here.

2011 follow eMag now available

We just posted the new issue of follow, our eMagazine. In this issue we list the 12 Authors whose books and work shaped the last decade. I am constantly getting requests for book recommendations and this list charts out the past 10 years in terms of the books that have made the greatest impact in our minds and hearts. Hope you enjoy it and that you might discover a ‘new’ book to read. You can click here to get to the follow page.

Advent Calendar: Great Way to Share Faith with Children

As Christmas is coming upon us, we thought we would share a resource that has been meaningful to many families in this Holy Season: The Advent Calendar and Candles. Matthew and Kristen Thornton have put together a fantastic resource to help you add this time of family sharing into your holy-days. Celebrating Advent using the calendar and candles is a great way to help your children experience the significance of the whole Gospel Story and can lay a foundation for your year round family growth.

Download the materials here.

New Resources: Life Transformation Groups

On Thursday, July 16th we hosted a student and supporter “thank you” dinner and First Evangelical here in Memphis. We were over joyed to see so many of you there and want to provide links to some of the resources mentioned that night. If you were unable to attend, we are posting the recording of the evening in the following link:
>>Listen to or download the audio here.

We also circulated some brochures about a new resource that we are going to test out called Life Transformation Groups. We need more than just “classroom” time to cultivate the transformation that comes about by focusing on Christ. These small groups meet to 1) hear the Word, 2) share life - celebration and confession - and, 3) motivate one another to mission. If you would like to read more about these, you can download the brochure here:
>>Download the Life Transformation Group brochure here.

We are also working on several new MilktoMeat resources and tools. We will let you know more about them as we get closer to the Fall. If you would like to receive an email newsletter update about current events and new resources and opportunities, please let us know by contacting us here.

Thanks to all of you who support this ministry with your time, financial sacrifice, prayers and participation. We are excited about the days ahead, looking forward to the opportunities that our Father will surely give us all to proclaim the excellence of His unique Son Jesus!

Larry Crabb's Seven Questions

I recently rediscovered a message that Larry Crabb delivered at Dallas Theological Seminary in the Fall of 2006. The title of the Message is "Chess Players or Poets: To Whom Does God Reveal Himself?" In this 30 minute presentation, Crabb gives a "big picture" overview of what God the Father working in Christ the Son through the Holy Spirit is seeking to do in and through us. This is one of the best messages I have ever heard on the "big picture" of God's desires for us. I wanted to share this with you because I know that you will be encouraged by this message as well.

To go to the DTS website and watch, listen or download this message, click here.