Kristen Thornton

For Teens: Building The Relationship Cake

Kristen Thornton has been busy teaching this Summer and we are delighted to be able to offer another of her sessions. In this talk, Kristen teaches a group of teenage girls how to “build the relationship cake.” This is a fantastic talk that will be helpful to teens and parents alike.

Download Audio here.
Download The Visual here.
Download The pdf of the presentation here.

Two Things Your Kids Can't Live Without Complete

Hey moms! What if instead of doing a million things so-so you could just focus on being really consistent with two things each day that would pay off huge in preparing your kids for life! Wanna know what I think those two things are? I'd love to share them with you! You will find the download links to the four sessions below:

Download Audio for Session 1 here.
Download Audio for Session 2 here.
Download Audio for Session 3 here.
Download Audio for Session 4 here.

Download Resources for Last Session here.

Please email questions, comments or feedback to Kristen Thornton at:

Kristen Thornton / Lessons from the Master Gardener

On April 21st, Kristen Thornton (Tom and Jeannie’s daughter) gave a talk for the women’s ministry at First Evangelical here in Memphis. She shared much of the wisdom that her father Tom cultivated in her life about raising kids and shaping the heart. Kristen did an awesome job and we wanted to share this with you.

Download the Audio here.